Hearing reality in ‘Joker’

The sounds of Arthur Fleck’s reality. 

By Mark Kerins

xcerpt: “It’s a decrepit place, where virtually everything appears broken or barely functional – the elevator in Arthur’s building regularly stalls and even the lights on the subway trains sporadically flicker on and off in the tunnels. These visual elements are paralleled by a soundscape of noise and chaos. Gotham is a city packed tight with too many people and too much rage; its constant horn honks, police sirens, and angry shouting are an ever-present part of the sonic environment, enveloping Arthur and us. All these sounds, of course, are hardly foreign to any big city, or to any movie set in a city. But this Gotham does not just have a generic background ‘city’ ambience with all the incidental obnoxious noises that might include. Rather, it’s a carefully drawn, precise environment. Director Todd Phillips was very specific with the crew about how he wanted the city to sound, telling them ‘don’t make it muddy.” Read the full article here