Special Issue 21.2 Queer/Trans Media Now

Guest Editor: Matthew Connolly

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2022 SCMS QTC Chris Holmlund Award Winner

“Queer Times in Moonlight

By Míša Stekl

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‘Unique Joy’: Netflix, Pleasure and the Shaping of Queer Taste

By Clara Bradbury-Rance

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On Xavier Dolan’s Musical Parentheses

By Sergio Rigoletto

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Reading Joey Soloway: Popularizing Feminist and Queer Theory in Independent Film and Television

By Sarah Sinwell

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Melancholy, Respectability, and Credibility in Sean Baker’s Tangerine

By Paige Macintosh

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‘It’s not really a cat’: Art, Media, and Wildness in Cat People (1942, 1982)

By Alex Zivkovic

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Death and Collective Autobiography: identifying multiple authorization in Silverlake Life: The View from Here

By Gabriel Kitofi Tonelo

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Affective Production Value on Queer Community Television: A Case Study of the Gay Cable Network and Gay USA

By Lauren Herold

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The Category Is: Streaming Queer Television

By Zoë Shacklock

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Review by Ash Kinney d’Harcourt

Transmasculinity on Television by Patrice Oppliger, Routledge, 2022

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Blog Posts

Moonlight: Screening Queer Black Youth

By Maria Flood and Victor Evans

EXCERPT: This podcast episode features Drs. Maria Flood and Victor Evans in conversation about Barry Jenkins’ landmark film Moonlight (2016). Read more about Dr. Flood’s book and order here: https://www.routledge.com/Moonlight-Screening-Black-Queer-Youth/Flood/p/book/9780367151393

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