Jewish Media Studies Reading List

Special Issues

“Steven Spielberg” Special Issue 7.1 (Winter 2009)


Regarding Anna: Levinas, Antonioni and the ethics of film absence

By Brian K. Bergen‐Aurand

Stanley Kubrick and the internationalisation of post-war Hollywood

By Peter Krämer

Revising the film canon: Jonathan Rosenbaum’s movie mutations and essential cinema

By Christopher Long

Figuring the global: on Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York

By Joel Evans

Seeing Lucy’s perspective: returning to Cavell, Wittgenstein and The Awful Truth

By Catherine Constable

Looks that kill: Double Indemnity (1944) reimagined in postmodern neo-noir and television

By Michael Lipiner and Yael Maurer

Creativity and commerce: Michael Klinger and new film history

By Andrew Spicer

Foundation myths: DreamWorks SKG, The Prince of Egypt (1998) and the historical epic film

By James Russell

Fauda: the Israeli occupation on a prime time television drama; or, the melodrama of the enemy

By Yael Munk

The Jewish Cronenberg: a cinema of therapeutic disintegration

By Adam Lowenstein

A pitch of polemics: Stanley Cavell and the sound(s) of scholarship (Open Access!)

By Kyle Barrowman

Something Wilder: Noah Isenberg and Isabelle Freda in conversation on ‘Billy Wilder on Assignment’ (Open Access!)

Interviewed by Isabelle Freda


Anti-Heimat cinema: the Jewish invention of the German landscape

Review by Kajsa Philippa Niehusen

by Ofer Ashkenazi, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press, 2020, 314 pp., $80.00 (hardcover), ISBN 9780472132010

Dziga Vertov: life and work (volume 1: 1896–1921)

Review by Maria Belodubrovskaya

by John MacKay, Boston, Academic Studies Press, 2018, 470 pp., $129.00 (hardcover), ISBN 9781618117342

Chantal Akerman

Review by Joseph Mai

by Marion Schmid, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2010, 208 pp.,  £45 (hardcover), ISBN 9780719077166

Mike Nichols: sex, language, and the reinvention of psychological realism

Review by Amelie Hastie

by Kyle Stevens, Oxford/New York, Oxford University Press, 2015, 263 pp.,  £19.95 (paperback), ISBN 9780199375813