Horror Studies Reading List


‘Re-imagining’ the canon: examining the discourse of contemporary horror film reboots

By Joe Tompkins

CINEMA AS SECOND SKIN: Under the membrane of horror film

By Tarja Laine

‘Look Out Behind You!’ Grounding suspense in the slasher film

By Maarten Coëgnarts and Miklós Kiss

‘Thrills and chills’: horror, the woman’s film, and the origins of film noir

By Mark Jancovich

Rethinking genre studies through distribution analysis: issues in international horror movie circuits

By Ramon Lobato and Mark David Ryan

Dead, but still breathing: the problem of postmortem movement in horror films

By David Scott Diffrient

Poetics of early Hammer horror films: a statistical style analysis

By Jonathan Olliver

Activist horror film: the genre as tool for change

By Johnny Walker

‘From grade B thrillers to deluxe chillers’: prestige horror, female audiences, and allegories of spectatorship in The Spiral Staircase (1946)

By Tim Snelson

Commodity horror: Videodrome and the industrialisation of Canadian culture

By Harry Warwick

The feminine appeal of British horror cinema

By Alison Peirse

Get Out and the legacy of sundown suburbs in post-racial America

By Elizabeth A. Patton

Losing control: Until Dawn as interactive movie

By Tanine Allison

Cronenberg’s anesthetics (virtual flesh)

By Timothy Holland

Creeping decay: cult soundtracks, residual media, and digital technologies

By Jamie Sexton

Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me: the ambivalent queer of post-network television

By Andrew J. Owens

Dis/liking disgust: the revulsion experience at the movies

By Julian Hanich

Theatre of thrills: the culture of suspense

By Frank Krutnik


New blood in contemporary cinema: women directors and the poetics of horror

Review by Rose Steptoe

by Patricia Pisters, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2020, 256 pp., $110.00 (hardback), ISBN: 9781474466950


“Now Is the Time of Monsters”: A Roundtable on Contemporary Horror

With Amanda Howell, Patricia Pisters, James Rendell, Emma Train, Johnny Walker, Harry Warwick, and Brandon West