Horror Media Studies Reading List


What is not real can be felt into being: affective threat in Jordan Peele’s Get Out

By Emma Train

The Jewish Cronenberg: a cinema of therapeutic disintegration

By Adam Lowenstein

‘It’s not really a cat’: Art, media, and wildness in Cat People (1942, 1982)

By Alex Zivkovic

Precious footage of the auteur at work: framing, accessing, using, and cultifying Vivian Kubrick’s Making the Shining

By Kate Egan

‘Re-imagining’ the canon: examining the discourse of contemporary horror film reboots

By Joe Tompkins

CINEMA AS SECOND SKIN: Under the membrane of horror film

By Tarja Laine

‘Look Out Behind You!’ Grounding suspense in the slasher film

By Maarten Coëgnarts and Miklós Kiss

‘Thrills and chills’: horror, the woman’s film, and the origins of film noir

By Mark Jancovich

Rethinking genre studies through distribution analysis: issues in international horror movie circuits

By Ramon Lobato and Mark David Ryan

Dead, but still breathing: the problem of postmortem movement in horror films

By David Scott Diffrient

Poetics of early Hammer horror films: a statistical style analysis

By Jonathan Olliver

Activist horror film: the genre as tool for change

By Johnny Walker

‘From grade B thrillers to deluxe chillers’: prestige horror, female audiences, and allegories of spectatorship in The Spiral Staircase (1946)

By Tim Snelson

Commodity horror: Videodrome and the industrialisation of Canadian culture

By Harry Warwick

The feminine appeal of British horror cinema

By Alison Peirse

Get Out and the legacy of sundown suburbs in post-racial America

By Elizabeth A. Patton

Losing control: Until Dawn as interactive movie

By Tanine Allison

Cronenberg’s anesthetics (virtual flesh)

By Timothy Holland

Creeping decay: cult soundtracks, residual media, and digital technologies

By Jamie Sexton

Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me: the ambivalent queer of post-network television

By Andrew J. Owens

Dis/liking disgust: the revulsion experience at the movies

By Julian Hanich

Theatre of thrills: the culture of suspense

By Frank Krutnik


New blood in contemporary cinema: women directors and the poetics of horror

Review by Rose Steptoe

by Patricia Pisters, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2020, 256 pp., $110.00 (hardback), ISBN: 9781474466950

Troubling masculinities: terror, gender, and monstrous others in American film post-9/11

Review by Paul Doro

by Glenn Donnar, Jackson, University Press of Mississippi, 2020, 256 pp., $35.00 (paperback), ISBN: 9781496828583


“Monsters All, Are We Not?”: An Interview with Julie Grossman and Will Scheibel

With Julie Grossman, Will Scheibel, and Matt Boyd Smith

“Now Is the Time of Monsters”: A Roundtable on Contemporary Horror

With Amanda Howell, Patricia Pisters, James Rendell, Emma Train, Johnny Walker, Harry Warwick, and Brandon West

Plus, our dossier on David Cronenberg in the Spring 2017 issue, edited by Adam Lowenstein and Adam Charles Hart