Topical & Teachable Media

A Reading List for Teaching & Learning Today

  1. 1) Gill Branston, “The Planet at the End of the World: ‘Event’ cinema and the representability of climate change”
THE HUNGER GAMES, Jennifer Lawrence, 2012. ph: Murray Close/©Lionsgate

2) Gregory Frame, “The odds are never in your favor: the form and function of American cinema’s neoliberal dystopias”

3) Marina Hassapopoulou, “Playing with history: collective memory, national trauma, and dark tourism in virtual reality docugames”

4) Neal King, “Calling Dirty Harry a liar: a critique of displacement theories of popular criminology”

5) Mikki Kressbach, “Breath work: mediating health through breathing apps and wearable technologies”

6) W.J.T. Mitchell, “Screening nature (and the nature of the screen)”

7) Sheila J. Nayar, “Dis-Orientalizing Bollywood: incorporating Indian popular cinema into a survey film course”

8) Elizabeth A. Patton,“ Get Out and the legacy of sundown suburbs in post-racial America”

9) Michael Slowik, “Isolation and connection: unbounded sound in the films of Paul Thomas Anderson”

10) William Uricchio, “Film, cinema, television … media?”

11. Katy Parry, When popular media and political cultures collide: British notions of public service, post-military identity and institutional corruption in ‘Bodyguard’ (BBC 2018)

12) Johnny Walker, Activist Horror Film: The Genre as Tool for Change

13) Deniz Zorlu, Powerful Women, Postfeminism, and Fantasies of Patriarchal Recuperation in Magnificent Century